10 years ago it was all just a dream, but the last 2 years have been a reality!

What am I talking about? Being able to travel the world, all thanks to earning money from doing a few simple tasks online.

How does it all work?

How can you avoid scams?

It’s all going to be clear soon.

Affiliate marketing explained

Among the most attractive things about being an affiliate marketer needs to be the simple fact you don’t require any physical stock to produce money.

Additionally the affiliate marketers ought to choose the products which are giving them good profit and are easy to sell. Before you will end up an outstanding affiliate marketer you need to get to understand the spenders. Lots of new affiliate marketers fail the business only because they misunderstand the flexibility of the company.

You also need to avoid scams because there are so many out there. When I first got started online 10 years ago I literally wasted $1,000s because I fell for all those shiny objects that claim you can get rich and the simple truth is they don’t work. I only made a success after trial and error and trying my own methods figuring it out on my own and not just going with what those scam artists said. If you’re unsure about any particular scam email me or check my buddy Mark’s site as he regularly exposes financial scams, his most recent review being of something called Federal Rent Checks.

A lot of people fail as an affiliate marketer as they’re not able to acquire continual sales. The very best affiliate marketers concentrate on completing all the required tasks required to create the essential sales revenue. In order for you to turn into an exceptional affiliate marketer, you need to do what most individuals aren’t doing.

You’re likely to need to work terribly exhausting to develop your affiliate promoting business so that you may desire to be legitimate. Keep in mind, a business would never need to deny an affiliate, especially in the event the affiliate is actually genuine. Also it will tell the affiliates how to choose the item on the grounds of sales commission given. PayDotCom affiliates are much better off choosing products that aren’t in competitive locations. They are free then to promote the link with various methods.

In other words, if you believe yourself an affiliate marketer, you need to be active on YouTube. Any Successful Affiliate marketer will inform you that moderation and timing is the trick to optimizing your social networking and there are strategies for success. One of the people I model for YouTube and social media activity is Tai Lopez as the guy is a master.

Here’s his 5 steps to make money online video:

Affiliate marketers are those who drive traffic to eBay and have a cut once the traffic leads to a sale. So if you’re interested in becoming a successful affiliate marketer, then there are a couple simple steps that it is possible to take to secure you started. If you prefer to develop into a successful affiliate marketer, you will need to learn. Successful affiliate marketers only concentrate on a single project at a moment. The best method to develop into a successful affiliate marketer is to receive your own site and set your affiliate links in your content.

Another expert you want to pay attention to in the affiliate marketing space is John Crestani. Read this article on John Crestani here for full review and see the kind of products and systems he offers.

what are cons of being an Affiliate Marketer?

Obviously there are cons to affiliate marketing as there are with all aspects of business whether online or offline.

In my opinion the cons are:

  • Not having control of the product
  • The product stopping affiliates / going out of business
  • Not earning 100% of the money as you are earning a %

However the pros far outweigh the cons in my opinion because:

  • You don’t have to create a product / service
  • You don’t have to deliver a product / service
  • You don’t have to deal with customer service
  • You don’t have to deal with payment processing
  • You have flexibility to promote multiple products (not tied down to one)

As you see the pros massively outweigh the cons and if you are a beginner creating your own product or service is just simply not possible to do effectively which is why I always recommend going down the affiliate route.

Some people you can learn from when it comes to affiliate marketing:

  • Tai Lopez – study his YouTube and see how he does
  • Digital Marketer blog – They masters are digital marketing

Before you leave I’ve recently taken a strong interest in investing.

After all if you make money you need to be investing it if you really want to be financially free for the long term, but how do you do that? I’ve been following experts who know what they are talking about and investing in upcoming tech like 5G.

Read more about Jeff Brown 5G pitch and see what i’m investing in.