Last Night’s Walking Meditation Across the Brooklyn Bridge

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Last night we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge, slowly and silently. There’s something so radical about paying attention, not just going through the motions. In that awareness, something shifts. One person said, last night, “how could I not come walk across the Brooklyn Bridge in silence. It’s the greatest idea!” And it’s a good reminder, too. We can stop at any point in our day and remind ourselves to pay attention, to take a breath, to quiet down and really check in to our outside and inside worlds.

I realized during the walk last night that when I started operating automatically, my pace quickened and I almost crashed into the person in front of me. It was a good realization. When we are on automatic, when we are reacting and not responding, we crash. It’s just what happens. A meditation practice allows us to cultivate that ability to pause (even for a microsecond) and feel the spaciousness necessary to realize we’re off track and step in the right direction.

When we all stepped off the bridge, crossed the street, and gathered around in a big circle on the sidewalk, we were asked to take a breath together. Moshe then said a few words to close (by request, printed below):

May our practice tonight be a source of inspiration so that we may continue to cross the narrow bridge of this world… unafraid, with confidence, kindness and presence.

May we continue to be a link in the chain of those who’ve come before us to bring us to this point, and those who will follow us throughout life’s journey.

Read the kavanah (intention) offered before the walk last night based on last year’s Walking Meditation Across the Brooklyn Bridge.

Check out pictures from last night on Facebook and video coming soon…