JMC Purim Roundup

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Purim is near, and we have some links to share with you to help get you dressed up in the holiday spirit.

From the JMC archives:

Purim Roundup
Our 2010 edition

Masking and Unmasking
A JMC Purim Writing Meditation found on our website’s resources page

From around the Web:

Purim 101
Need a refresher on what Purim’s all about? (and puppets!) helps us review

Are We Having Fun Yet?
Ritual Well shares thoughts on grabbing happiness in the midst of sorrow

Healthy Sustainable Purim Resources
Hazon offers tips for keeping your Purim celebrations healthy and sustainable

The Kabbalah on Good and Evil
Rabbi David Cooper addresses the not-so-simple themes of good and evil within the backdrop of the Purim holiday

The “Y’all Come Purim”
Let Purim help you see your “Gameface,” and the freedom to let you change it for a day

Thoughts on Adar
The Velveteen Rabbi reflects on this month of joy and revelry

Soundtracks for Purim
What albums would serve best for this year’s Purim experience?  2 Rabbis share their pick and why

Purim Masks
Jewish Women Magazine asks us to consider what masks can conceal… and what they can reveal

G-DCAST does Purim!

Purim Song
Groove to the sounds of harmonizing Jewish collegiate a capella group, The Maccabeats

Princess and the Elephant
“Boogie forsooth” with Natalie Portman and Elmo on Shalom Sesame

“Home for Purim” dinner scene from “For Your Consideration”
Purim… Christopher Guest style