JMC Passover Roundup

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Passover starts next week… Click below to get in the mood for the Passover holiday:

From the JMC Blog Archives:

Passover as a birthing story by Jessica Simkovic

Zissen Pesach/Gut Yontif/Chag Sameach/Happy Passover! by Shuli Passow

Between Chametz and Matzah by Moshe Berko

Let Your Pharoah Go by Alison Laichter

JMC’s Passover Haggadah Inserts:

Freeing Your Inner Pharaoh
Download it, print it, and use it at your seder.

Four New Questions to Liberate Your Seder
Please share it with your friends and family!
Click here for instructions and download

 On the Internets:

A Passover short by Hanan Harchol that is beautiful and deep

Tweet the Exodus
It’s this year’s “What if Moses had Facebook

Joan Nathan’s Matzo Balls
The New York Times offers a new and exciting way to prepare matzo. (spoiler: in soup!)

Passover Night and the Kabbalah
Rabbi Shlomo Jaffe delivers a capitaving lecutre

Pesach in Cancun!
Looking for the story of Exodus, shadow puppets, and klezmer all in one video?  Look no further.

Shalom Sesame’s Les Matzarables
Go ahead, sing along.

The Passover Seder with the Four Sons
G-dcast does Passover!

Platonic Form
Judith Shulevitz’s 2010 article on Tablet examines the Seder’s Greek origins