Chanukah Writing Meditation

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Last night we had our “Getting in the Mood for Chanukah” workshop with an amazing group of people with inspiring insights. We had a short sit, a teaching about the holiday, a guided meditation and then a writing meditation exercise. Just in case you couldn’t join us but would like to get in the mood for the festival of lights, here’s the writing meditation that you can do on your own:

Writing Meditation on Dedication, Light, and Miracles

When we sit in meditation, we remind ourselves that when our mind wanders, we bring it back to the sensation of breathing, or to whatever we’ve decided to concentrate on (awareness, prayer, etc). In this writing exercise, use the act of writing as your meditation- sit for a few moments looking at the questions below, and then begin writing. Give yourself as much time as you’d like (we used 20 minutes, but for some people that might not be enough time) to not take your pen off the paper, writing continuously. If your attention is distracted bring yourself back to your writing.

Just as the Maccabbees rededicated the Temple, looked through the rubble, found
light, and excavated the place to hold holiness, look into your own heart and ask

  1. What needs repair?
  2. What requires renewal?
  3. What brings light to my life?
  4. What can I do to kindle and cultivate that light?
  5. What is holding me back?
  6. What miracles have I experienced during difficult times?
  7. What miracles am I currently trying to cultivate in my life?
  8. What actions can I take to bring about miracles in my life?
  9. What actions can I take to bring about miracles in the lives of people I love?
  10. What actions can I take to bring about miracles in the lives of strangers?

הכונח חמס  Happy Chanukah!